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Inbound Script

(Confirm Ticket Packages, Read Total Number Of Tickets & Price)

[first_name], To confirm we have the [tickt_package] for [ticket_package_price].  Which includes [ticket(s)_and_ticket_quantity] tickets in your order.

(Read If Receiving Bonus Ticket – In addition to the [ticket_name] you are going to receive [bonus_ticket(s)_quantity] in your order.

          Does that sound correct?

          NO – OK, let’s adjust your order >> Move back to the order details page

YES – Great, give me just a moment to pull up my order screen.  Now I’m going to gather your payment and ticket information.  I will send your order confirmation and ticket receipts via email, and the raffle manager will place the corresponding raffle ticket(s) in their perspective drums. 

          Do you follow me so far?    

(Move To Checkout Page)